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    News — Boutique



    Late Night Christmas Shopping - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    This is will now be our third and last late night shopping evening and we have had some fun and some awful weather to coincide too!  The weather has been wintery, but our customers, friends and family have been warm, happy and delighted with not only their purchases but also the hot Chocolate and a glass of fizz or two!

    We have had some great unique finds from France, Belgium and here in Britain, to entice you to buy something quite lovely from us, super ideas that certainly won't be available on your local High Street.  

    We really have tried to source unusual, lovely curios and treasures to feel the true meaning of Christmas.  From beautiful French candlesticks, gorgeous candles, luxury soaps, rustic hanging decorations, up-cycled drift wood wreaths and heart shapes to handmade wooden signs and boxes.  


    Christmas Late Night Shopping - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    I have also tried to make a few Christmas Decorations myself for our Boutique and they have been really successful too. I am hoping to really get this concept of making and creating into our Vintage Boutique with the help of our Hobby Club Ladies who come to see us each week in our Craft School.  I feel a Spring Craft Sale coming on...

    Thank you to you all for coming to see us, we hope you enjoyed your homemade Mince Pie from our local and fantastically talented Bakers here in Forest Row, Sussex.

    Thank you to Lesley, who is just a super star beyond super stars and an incredibly dear friend too.

    Thank you to John, whom without, the evenings would not have been possible without his organisational skills and all his incredibly hard work.

    Merry Christmas everyone, and we wish you all, happiness, good health and good fortune for 2016.

    Love and best wishes,

    Trixie x


    9/11/15 - John and I started our lovely business five years ago. Previously,  I retrained to be a florist whilst our twin sons were going to school, and then subsequently started my own floristry business and loved it!


    Floristry can be so much fun!


    Sadly, I fell ill, literally overnight.  John left work to look after me and our children.  I have slowly got to a place where I can work, albeit, sometimes from home, or from the sanctuary of our Craft School. I have loved getting involved with all forms of social media, well, learning about social media and how it works! It has been a challenge, as it has been so new to me and technology has changed and developed so fast.

    From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Google+, I have learnt, sometimes the hard way, how to use these social media platforms. So imagine our surprise when we found ourselves part of Social media!  

    We found ourselves part of a piece in The Guardian.  Follow this link to read all about us and other small family businesses.  It has all gone full circle, from working for myself, to now working with my husband, who cared for me and now we love working together...


    John, Trixie & Charlie, our dog

    Looking forward to more social media but more importantly, looking forward to seeing YOU, our lovely customers in our Vintage Furniture Boutique, here in Sussex.

    With best wishes,
    Trixie x


    1/6/15 - LOVINGLY US

    It's relatively easy to be behind the iPhone or website, even Facebook which is a bit ironic really! So I thought it would be great to show and tell you a little bit about us here at Lovingly Made!

    Our Boutique at twilight...

    John and I have found running our own business incredibly fulfilling but there is always a flip side - in as much that it can also be a little overwhelming! We always have a very long list of things we would like to do!  

    At the moment, we are in the process of painting our Boutique buildings, so bringing a coherent colour to them all, a lovely grey.  Our new, preloved (of course!), van has proven to be a great investment, if not a bit scary at the time of buying it. 
    John and I have our own other personal hobbies and interests, which is important when you are married and working together.  I love walking our dog, going to the gym and a trip to a cinema is a real passion of mine!  John would love to play more golf,  he really enjoys cooking supper, loves to read current affairs and will always take Charlie, our dog out for another walk too.  
    We are both very lucky that we can be with each other all day, and do our best to 'switch off' from work when we get home!  We try not to talk about business too much, but because we love what we do, we invariably do touch on a few subjects for discussion!
    John and I in our Boutique...
    Charlie in our van on deliveries with John!
    We hope that you find yourself in Sussex soon, and pop down our countryside lane which opens up to a beautiful oasis of calm, lovely Courtyard, Vintage Boutiques full to the brim with furniture and us of course!  Charlie might even give you his paw to say hello!

    With best wishes,
    Trixie x



    As I was helping John unload the latest hand picked collections of beautiful preloved vintage furniture from our van, I stopped. I stopped and looked at the gorgeous pieces of furniture, curios, treasures and finds that he had brought back to our Vintage Boutique. 

    Slowly unloading the van, the excitement was mounting with the sheer delights I saw!
    I will be photographing items to pop into our website over the next few days. 
    In the meantime, why not come down and take a little look for yourself?
    You are always welcome and we'd love to see you!

    Remember we are open Sunday's too from 10.30/4.30. The perfect time to have a meander around our very unique and special destination. 

    You do know it's East Grinstead's best kept secret place...shhhhhh!

    With best wishes,