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    News — Vintage


    1/6/15 - LOVINGLY US

    It's relatively easy to be behind the iPhone or website, even Facebook which is a bit ironic really! So I thought it would be great to show and tell you a little bit about us here at Lovingly Made!

    Our Boutique at twilight...

    John and I have found running our own business incredibly fulfilling but there is always a flip side - in as much that it can also be a little overwhelming! We always have a very long list of things we would like to do!  

    At the moment, we are in the process of painting our Boutique buildings, so bringing a coherent colour to them all, a lovely grey.  Our new, preloved (of course!), van has proven to be a great investment, if not a bit scary at the time of buying it. 
    John and I have our own other personal hobbies and interests, which is important when you are married and working together.  I love walking our dog, going to the gym and a trip to a cinema is a real passion of mine!  John would love to play more golf,  he really enjoys cooking supper, loves to read current affairs and will always take Charlie, our dog out for another walk too.  
    We are both very lucky that we can be with each other all day, and do our best to 'switch off' from work when we get home!  We try not to talk about business too much, but because we love what we do, we invariably do touch on a few subjects for discussion!
    John and I in our Boutique...
    Charlie in our van on deliveries with John!
    We hope that you find yourself in Sussex soon, and pop down our countryside lane which opens up to a beautiful oasis of calm, lovely Courtyard, Vintage Boutiques full to the brim with furniture and us of course!  Charlie might even give you his paw to say hello!

    With best wishes,
    Trixie x




    Stunning French Antique Chest of Drawers

    John will almost always say, that the shopping part of Lovingly Made is one of the most enjoyable aspects, but it can be nerve wracking too!  Buying stock is a big responsibility and sometimes, decisions have to be made quickly, as there are lots of people around you, lots of noise, lots of competition for pieces and he will say, "holding his nerve" is crucial to his buying.  I will say, that he has a very creative eye for colour and design, and has never failed to disappoint when he comes back with the van loaded up from the Market!  

    So one of the most recent buying trips,  John brought back with him to our lovely Vintage Boutique, the most gorgeous pieces of Devine Pine - French, Antique and it is simply, just gorgeous!

    Beautiful detailing on this Chest

    So lovely in fact, that we have sold a gorgeous Dresser and Wardrobe already, so if you would like to have some splendid French Pine in your home, you best get here quickly, as I have a feeling that these pieces of beautiful furniture may not stay here for long...
    We look forward to seeing you very soon.  Watch out too for our new opening times starting in November.  Although the days may feel shorter when the clocks go back, we will be here some extra hours,  for you to have a browse around!

    See you all soon,
    Trixie x