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    Our Story

    We believe that your home and garden should tell your story, about your life, your passion and love with stylish, Antique and Vintage furniture. We believe that antique historical pieces of furniture hold pride over mass produced and they bring so much more to your home with their own individual character and love. We have a real fervor for what we do; we only choose to buy what we both love. 

    Our own home is an eclectic mix of furniture from different periods of time, from when we first were married to now, spanning over 35 years. Each piece we have brings us such happiness and more importantly, great memories. That is what we endeavour to emulate here at Lovingly Made Furniture over the last decade or so.

    We only buy pieces that we believe you will take into your home and you will feel love for, that it will bring you joy and happiness, will grow with you and be part of your home.

    We bring back our pieces to our Workshop, they are tended to very carefully,  gently cleaned and polished appropriately. The knocks, marks, dents and dinks are part of the character of the piece, the history of where and whom has had it previously. We do not, however over-clean or polish our pieces and tend to leave as much as we can, the original 'state' of your furniture, to show its authenticity and history of time. 

    When delivering, if we package our lovely furniture, we try to use as much recycled paper, old cardboard boxes and recycled bubble wrap that we have -  so it might not look pretty, but we actively use recycled as much we can. When we use our 'trusted Courier' they will 'blanket wrap' your item(s), carefully secure and deliver to you. They will keep in contact with you along the journey too.

    Thank you for visiting our website, we really hope you like what you see, and please always call us, we are here to help...

    With our very best wishes,

    John and Trixie

    Mobile - 07525 629644 up until 9.00pm daily