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    News — Thankyou

    SHINY NEW YEAR 2018!

    Welcome to January 2018's Newsletter... It is a brand new shiny new year, and with lovely even numbers, I am certain that although it feels lovely and even, no doubt there will be some ups and downs ahead! Which might be quite exciting, in fact, to feel optimistic, I am sure can and will be...

    Now that all the glitz and glamour has been taken down from inside our homes, it can seem a little less, well, maybe drab inside. Our walls a little perhaps not so sparkly without the twinkly lights from the Christmas tree fairly lights, and the glistening of perhaps some candles being lit around the house too. I heard the word 'Tinslelitus' and I thought that summed it up perfectly. We might be suffering from a little bout of that. 

    So I think the best way out of all of that is to grab your wellington boots, or walking boots, a nice warm coat, borrow a dog if you haven't got one, (this is not compulsory), and head out for a good long walk and some fresh air.  There is truly nothing like it for clearing the mind, having a good talk amongst family and friends alike and coming home, putting the kettle on and I know from personal experience, you feel a whole lot better.

    A good walk cures all...

    'Tinslelitus' goes quite quickly once the Christmas decorations are packed away and you start back into sorting and clearing up. Those lovely bottles of bubble bath from Auntie Vera actually do smell quite nice after all!

    Which leads me on quite nicely to my next point in case - sorting, clearing, tidying and all of that! I have been dabbling with a little of it myself. One job besets the other. Hmmmm I thought, just get that out, meant, hmmmm just get that out, which meant, hmmmm, that means that has to come out too!

    So if your getting out of something leads to half sorting out your whole cupboards, and you find that you might find yourself with some furniture you might want to sell - then remember our number.

    Having a sort out? Furniture to sell?

    We simply love to buy excellent quality pieces of furniture, give us a call. John will gladly talk to you for your initial enquiry.  We can arrange collection too.  So, if you feel you have a piece or  indeed a house full of furniture from your garden or home that would fit in within our Boutique, then please give us a call. We love a good sort out and indeed there is Paint in the air, look below for news on our Fusion paint too!

    How much are we looking forward to the Spring?
    Well we are, we are looking forward to having some more Fusion Mineral Paint Furniture Classes in our Workshop Studio.
    Now you maybe asking why use Fusion Mineral Paint, well, let me help answer those questions:-

    Ever wonder Why Fusion Mineral Paint is the most sought after DIY Decor Furniture Paint?
    You have seen the beautiful projects, and you wonder,  exactly what is everyone talking about!
    What is it that makes Fusion Mineral Paint so wonderful and different?
    Why would I choose Fusion over a chalk type paint?

    FUSION - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk  FUSION - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk FUSION - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Fusion Mineral Paint

    Top 5 Reasons!

    • Built in Top Coat – No Waxing needed!
    • Little preparation
    • Zero VOC & Virtually Odourless
    • Fabulous coverage on your furniture
    • Waterproof & can be used outdoors

    Fusion is an all in one formulation that has changed the DIY world making it easier to get a professional look with less time, money, and effort.
    So, don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself.
    Keep an eye on our website, and classes will be up soon.

    We look forward to seeing you here in our Vintage Boutique, our Workshop and our Courtyard...
    Lots of Lovingly Made Love,
    John & Trixie - and Charlie of course, our meet and greet dog and best friend...



    Hello there - It's great to be back and I would love to thank you for your kindness.

    Thank you - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    I have missed you all so very much. It has been a long while since I have put my finger tips to the key pad, albeit, I have managed to get my 'mitts' onto my laptop whilst watching the day time telly, (don't worry, you're missing nothing!!!), and have been posting a few Instagram and Facebook posts. I am now hoping to get back to posting onto our website and really get my teeth into some fun stuff and get back to work properly in the next few weeks or so.

    It is very strange when you are not at work properly; I have missed being part of our lovely business and really missed seeing Lesley and Carol who work so very hard for us here at Lovingly Made. I cannot thank them enough for really working so extra hard for us; helping John so much. He has really appreciated all your help. There have been days when he was visiting me in Brighton Hospital that he could not have been able to open the Boutique without you both, so my heartfelt thanks to you both.

    Thank you to our lovely ladies who come to our Craft School each week; I know that some mornings that they have 'opened' the door themselves and washed up, so, so kind. These gestures of kindness have overwhelmed me.  I have had beautiful hand knitted gifts, hand sewn beautiful hand crafted 'birds', chocolates, flowers, cards by the zillions, more flowers, texts, what's-apps, more cards, suppers left on the doorstep for John and such generosity of love has been so kind.  

    thank you - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk  

    Life can throw such 'rubbish' at us sometimes, but deep down, in all of us, we have the capacity to share such love, and this is what bonds us and keeps us all together, safe and warm and it protects us all.

    The love we have in us, we must all try to remember our very best to share, in good times and in bad times, because without it, what do we have?

    Thank you all for sharing your love with me, and my family when we needed it most over the last 3 months, and we now will pass that on, of that we promise...

    love - www.lovinglymadeltc.co.uk

    It is good to be back at my desk, now where is that list of jobs to do today?  Upwards, onwards, there is a lot to catch up on and exciting things to get done and some exciting events and some great projects coming Lovingly Made's way, so WATCH OUT!

    See you in the Boutique shop very soon,
    Lots of love,
    Trixie & John x



    It is a busy time of year for everyone, especially if you have your own business too.  One of the many reasons John and I run our own business is to have the flexibility of me being able to work from home when I am poorly. 

    Some of you may know that I have a difficult Neurological condition which I manage day to day quite well, but occasionally, it, my brain, goes into melt down mode!  Well, I had one of these occasions and fortunately I was able to go to hospital and have an operation.  So, fingers crossed that it does its thing and I can get back to living and working.

    I want to thank you all for your kindness, get well wishes and all your love and support.  From my lovely husband John, to my twin sons who both took it in turns to help me and made great cups of tea.  To my fabulous friends and neighbours who took over look after Charlie, our lovely Labrador.  

    Moreover, thank you to Jenna, Ivy Florence, and Lesley, who work here at Lovingly Made, and jumped in with both feet - beyond the call of duty girls, but oh so appreciated.

    There are the numerous hospital staff to thank, all my text messages, emails and cards, to the the local bakery who left supper for John on our doorstep, to the friends who have helped with shopping, to my mum and dad.

    It never ceases to amaze me the network of family, friends who gather momentum when I am poorly.  I simply cannot thank you all enough and I am greatly humbled by your love and support. I posted a few little words on our Facebook page, and I think this sums up what true kindness is...

    Kindness and thank you - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Thank you,
    Love Trixie