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    News — Boutique

    SHINY NEW YEAR 2018!

    Welcome to January 2018's Newsletter... It is a brand new shiny new year, and with lovely even numbers, I am certain that although it feels lovely and even, no doubt there will be some ups and downs ahead! Which might be quite exciting, in fact, to feel optimistic, I am sure can and will be...

    Now that all the glitz and glamour has been taken down from inside our homes, it can seem a little less, well, maybe drab inside. Our walls a little perhaps not so sparkly without the twinkly lights from the Christmas tree fairly lights, and the glistening of perhaps some candles being lit around the house too. I heard the word 'Tinslelitus' and I thought that summed it up perfectly. We might be suffering from a little bout of that. 

    So I think the best way out of all of that is to grab your wellington boots, or walking boots, a nice warm coat, borrow a dog if you haven't got one, (this is not compulsory), and head out for a good long walk and some fresh air.  There is truly nothing like it for clearing the mind, having a good talk amongst family and friends alike and coming home, putting the kettle on and I know from personal experience, you feel a whole lot better.

    A good walk cures all...

    'Tinslelitus' goes quite quickly once the Christmas decorations are packed away and you start back into sorting and clearing up. Those lovely bottles of bubble bath from Auntie Vera actually do smell quite nice after all!

    Which leads me on quite nicely to my next point in case - sorting, clearing, tidying and all of that! I have been dabbling with a little of it myself. One job besets the other. Hmmmm I thought, just get that out, meant, hmmmm just get that out, which meant, hmmmm, that means that has to come out too!

    So if your getting out of something leads to half sorting out your whole cupboards, and you find that you might find yourself with some furniture you might want to sell - then remember our number.

    Having a sort out? Furniture to sell?

    We simply love to buy excellent quality pieces of furniture, give us a call. John will gladly talk to you for your initial enquiry.  We can arrange collection too.  So, if you feel you have a piece or  indeed a house full of furniture from your garden or home that would fit in within our Boutique, then please give us a call. We love a good sort out and indeed there is Paint in the air, look below for news on our Fusion paint too!

    How much are we looking forward to the Spring?
    Well we are, we are looking forward to having some more Fusion Mineral Paint Furniture Classes in our Workshop Studio.
    Now you maybe asking why use Fusion Mineral Paint, well, let me help answer those questions:-

    Ever wonder Why Fusion Mineral Paint is the most sought after DIY Decor Furniture Paint?
    You have seen the beautiful projects, and you wonder,  exactly what is everyone talking about!
    What is it that makes Fusion Mineral Paint so wonderful and different?
    Why would I choose Fusion over a chalk type paint?

    FUSION - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk  FUSION - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk FUSION - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Fusion Mineral Paint

    Top 5 Reasons!

    • Built in Top Coat – No Waxing needed!
    • Little preparation
    • Zero VOC & Virtually Odourless
    • Fabulous coverage on your furniture
    • Waterproof & can be used outdoors

    Fusion is an all in one formulation that has changed the DIY world making it easier to get a professional look with less time, money, and effort.
    So, don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself.
    Keep an eye on our website, and classes will be up soon.

    We look forward to seeing you here in our Vintage Boutique, our Workshop and our Courtyard...
    Lots of Lovingly Made Love,
    John & Trixie - and Charlie of course, our meet and greet dog and best friend...


    I was thinking about my day and wishing I had more time in my day! I wonder if like me, you sometimes wish for more hours in the day? Well, we were all given an extra hour in October which was fabulous, the clocks went back an hour and hey presto, my wish was granted! So, what did you do with your hour?

    ALARM CLOCK - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    What Did You Do With Your Extra Hour?

    My hour was quickly and so easily consumed with my normal day to day chores, walking our lovely dog, meeting John at work. We then went into London for a delivery of furniture, had supper, managed a cup of tea when we got home I actually couldn't remember where our 'extra' hour went!

    So as much as my wish was granted that Sunday, I know that they don't all come true. We need to work for our dreams, hopes and for our wishes to come true.

    We now have had Halloween and Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes, so it has been a very busy time of festivities and experiences for many of us. I am sure that there will be lots of wishes being written and spoken about very soon with Christmas looming! 

    SPARKLER - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Guy Fawkes Night Celebrations...

    Here at Lovingly Made, we wish for a bright morning most days, as I wake up, I open the windows and look outside and hope that the sun is shining! They say that the first 3 minutes can dictate your mood for the rest of the day, so I wish for the day to bright first thing, that my first cup of coffee to be hot and delicious and then my morning walk or yoga practice to be mood lifting. 

    We have been busy in the Boutique with weekly arrivals of Antique & Vintage Furniture arriving, so if you are wishing for that elusive piece of furniture, then do pop by, as we have fresh piece arriving every week. We also have our very popular Christmas Wreath Making classes on our website too, so if you wish for some time for yourself, then this is the 'go to' place - 3 hours of pure indulgence just for you and a beautiful luxurious, exquisite door wreath too to take home!  

    CHRISTMAS WREATH CLASS - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    The Start Of A Wreath - Christmas Wreath Making Classes Here In Our Workshop Studio...   

    Wishing for some original Christmas presents and decorations? Well, we are not a typical shop like your 'High Street" shop, we find 'one-off' unique gifts, special handmade object's-da, signature valuable items, French glass, handmade wooden items and handmade painted decorations, so come over and see for yourself.

    WOOD - wwwlovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Unique Christmas Gifts, One-Off Finds, French Glass, Original Handmade & Handpainted Decorations...

    So, what wish would you like to be granted today? 
    Let us hope that your wish can be granted, or at least in part, that you can help make it happen.
    Hope to see you very soon in our Boutique, there's a whole lot of wishing going on! 
    Lots of Lovingly Made Love
    Trixie & John
    Charlie too



    Well, I think I have made May's blog by literally 'the skin of my teeth', being a Bank Holiday Monday' too.  John and I have finished our deliveries this morning, I have finished washing a couple of beautiful handmade quilts I found whilst 'treasure hunting yesterday', some silk and linen, Vintage 'Love Birds', a gorgeous Union Jack flag, terracotta pots, French plates and brocante. Now all I now need to do is to clean, polish and dress our Boutique before Thursday when we re-open. 


    Vintage Love Birds...

    So, behind the scenes, we are always working, our thoughts are always changing, and our thoughts changed so much this week with the devastating news that Manchester faced as a City. The people of Manchester certainly had their lives turned upside down and their thoughts changed literally. We send out our heart felt sympathy to all of those families and friends who lives have been so terribly affected. 


    Thinking of Manchester...

    Change can be so quick. It can also be a slow process. Whichever way, change is ever constant in our lives. It can be unwelcome, it can be harsh, it can be kind, it can be thrust upon us but it also can be of our own fruition and wanting.

    In our newsletter which you can subscribe to, we have written a lovely piece about Change, and there is a link which talks about 10 powerful benefits of change, from Personal Growth to Strength to New Beginnings.   All of which can help us with our lives. 

    Whatever change is, whenever is comes, one thing is for sure, change certainly is that, change.

    Change can come into our lives personally, affecting our own lives and that of our family and home. We can change our homes to reflect our personality and that is where we come in... We source our furniture with love, passion and true feeling and we are very passionate about what we do and where our furniture, brocante, treasures, unique curiosities come from too. The beautiful furniture and uniqueness we source and buy, is lovingly thought about; it brought back to either our home if needs be or mostly, to our Workshop to be cleaned, hoovered and treated, polished, waxed.


     Washing Quilts at home...

    In our Workshop, between John, Carol and myself and sometimes even my Mum and Dad are involved;  we change the first appearance of the not so gorgeous 'looking' duckling to a beautiful Swan.  Everything has been 'Lovingly Made' originally, hence our Company name and ethos. We literally do lovingly change it where and when needed, into something lovely, clean, presentable, hoovered, treated, dusted, waxed, polished and if necessary, painted.

    Our aim has always been to forage for unique finds just for you.  Our prime objective is that you can offset your Vintage find that you have bought from us and blend it effortlessly with the furniture that you have at home; so you don't have to change too much at home too quickly or just add a few pieces to your existing furniture. You can change just a little bit at a time, harmoniously, giving your home an individual touch, just like you.


    Vintage Urn and Clock...

    We feel that without a little Vintage furniture, the odd curio, the little French brocante, modern day interiors can look and feel a little soulless, and conversely, without a modern day context, you could say that some Vintage piece could look a bit out of place, a bit fussy even.  It is the very clever change and mix of the two that makes if work so well.

    Change is all around us and one of the most important changes is that change of re-loving, reusing, recycling and repurposing our furniture, something that we at Lovingly Made are so, so passionate about. 


    Vintage Wooden Treasure Box...

    We simply love the past, we love that furniture was so well made, lovingly made in the past, the wood, the craftsmanship, the joinery, the love in which it was made. The change is now, we can make such a huge change and make it in our homes too. We can look after the old, bring recycle the old and bring it back to life!


    Vintage Bistro Chair...

    Vintage pieces were made to last, designed to last, built to last, made from materials from strong sturdy materials, good strong wood.  Metals forged from handmade forges, with workmanship that would cost you a small fortune now. The ironwork of true artisans. Sofas and chairs with Horsehair and strapping, leathers and linens handed down from generation to generation. Don't you just wish you had kept them all now?

    So, continue to press that 'Changing Thoughts' button, for all the right reasons, let's start making a change together. Buying Vintage Furniture helps the Earth, and how about a little rebel against the modern day age of cheap day mass production?

    We hope we continue to always be pressing ours, to be looking for the lovely individual pieces of artisan, individual, crafted, resilient, beautiful furniture, treasures and vintage pieces that make a house into your home.

    We look forward to seeing you here in our Vintage Boutique, our Workshop and our Courtyard...
    Lots of Lovingly Made Love,
    John & Trixie - and Charlie of course, our meet and greet dog and best friend...





    This is the month of Spring into Sunday Time Changes!

    We are delighted to let you know that we
    changing our days and times of opening.
    Thursday to Saturday

    Our Opening Hours Have Changed!

    It's March - so we are thinking...
    The month of Spring - Spring Cleaning and most importantly Mother's Day!

    So let's get a Spring in our step with 3 top tips for Spring Cleaning!

    We all know that you would love to know those top 6 cleaning tips so your home is in tip top Spring Clean ship shape condition for when your Mum comes around for Sunday lunch or indeed you might be taken out for lunch!


    Spring Cleaning Top Tips

    1) Cleaning those windows. To start, dip your sponge into a bucket

    of warm water and a few drops of mild washing up liquid. Wet your window; rub dirt away. Dampen squeegee; starting at an upper corner, draw it down pane from top to bottom. Repeat, overlapping strokes and wiping rubber edge with sponge after each stroke.

    2) Once or twice a year, you might find the need to clean your wooden or metal blinds. Here is how! Wipe wooden blinds with a few drops of gentle wood cleaner on a nearly dry sponge. Metal or Aluminum blinds can be washed outdoors: Place them on an old sheet on a slanted surface, and scrub with water and a noncorrosive cleaner. Use a hose to rinse well, and then dry the blinds really, really dry with a towel to prevent rust.

    3) Now this is a good one - You should replace the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months. Use the day you set your clocks back as a reminder, and this will be a good reminder and you will be happier too! Change the batteries again in spring, when you set your clocks ahead.

    Mothers Day

    What does your mum mean to  you?


    Mothering Sunday 

    Having read and read a lot on this, I can only come to the simple conclusion, that there is a lot of evidence of historical and religious reasons why we celebrate Mothering Sunday.

    Mother's Day, or Mothering Sunday, is to me, quite simply a day to show our love, gratitude, thanks and appreciation to our wonderful, kind, generous, wonderful mums everywhere, if we are lucky enough to have one, through our acts of kindness. However we can, as simple as they are, be it a telephone call, a visit, a cup of tea, a kiss, a hand hold, a bunch of flowers or something which is so precious, TIME...

    Mother's Day both have different origins; although they represent the same meaning, they originated very differently. We all celebrate the day but very few people actually know its origin. The original meaning of Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day can seem a little lost in these days of commercial present pushing by the media, so why not give the simplest gift of all, your time, a hug, a kiss, a chat - I know that is what I would LOVE THE MOST...x

    If you would like to read a more factual article, then this is an interesting article from The Daily Telegraph "The true origins of Mothering Sunday"

    Enjoy your month of time changing with us this March.

    We look forward to seeing you here in our Vintage Boutique, our Vintage Workshop and our Courtyard...
    Lots of Lovingly Made Love,
    John & Trixie - and Charlie of course, our meet and greet dog and best friend...




    • February is one of our favourite months of the year, especially as it is the month of Love! Subscribers to our VIP Newsletter will be enjoying their discount code this month too.
    • With February being the month of love, we are thinking about Building your Perfect Bedroom and together with why 'Sleep is so important'.
    • We are also delighted to announce our new "Vintage Workshop", our fabulous new Boutique shop for more Vintage furniture shopping!



    Building Your Perfect Bedroom... (housetohome.co.uk)

    Thinking about your perfect bedroom, well, from the moment you walk into your bedroom, you need to feel relaxed. First things first, lighting. Fit some low wattage bulbs, and the magic will instantly start. Your eyes will be soothed.

    You can never have enough cushions, blankets, quilts, wooden domed trunks, throws, embroidery, empty frames, and mirrors can instantly add incredible space, colour and personality to your room. Think textures, think colour, think different types of wood, painted, French, English, they add character, depth and warmth.

    Your bedroom needs to be the place where you can escape the hustle, the busy hectic part of your day, the time to relax, unwind, chill, to read, to truly be yourself or yourselves -think about this room carefully. It is your sanctuary. Candles, music, books and lots of love...x


    Think textures, think colour...

    You can then think about the furniture you can add to you bedroom that can give you the storage you need to make you feel settled and organised, a great way to feel in control of your sanctuary room.

    Bedside cabinets are a great place to pop your glasses and bedside reading book, or cup of warm milk or hot chocolate. Not to bring your laptop. A definite no! No 'screen time' at least half hour before sleep time.

    Chest of drawers are a great storage solution for jumpers, teeshirts, lingerie and getting sorted here, sorts out so many clothing issues! 

    A worthy note is the revolution in 'the perfect bedroom', is that sleep is the new power house!


    "We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis", writes Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post. Such an interesting piece, and  I really found the article an enlightening read and perhaps we can all transform our lives, one night at a time.

    She writes how we need to redefine our success through our well-being, her thoughts and discussion is the how the backbone of sleep being our gateway of to a more fulfilling way of living and how it can transform our lives.


    Why sleep is so important...

    The results are amazing to read, how sleep must be seen as not time wasted, but time so well spent in our lives. how important it is to our well being.

    Today we are so fast-paced, looking at our mobile phones at approximately 100-150 times a day without even knowing it, looking at computers, laptops, always connected, connected some how to something, not giving ourselves time, not giving ourselves permission to stop, forgetting to give ourselves a good night’s sleep.

    The Sleep Revolution  sounds a big alarm bell to tell us to listen to our bodies, to actually wake us up to go to sleep, have a good nights sleep, enjoy sleep, it truly can transform your life, make us feel so much better about ourselves, it gives us energy for the next day, to literally face the day. YOU choose, a good nights sleep, quite literally, the old addage 'SLEEP on it' makes it oh so much better in the morning, doesn't it?





    The Vintage Workshop Boutique is opening...

    We are delighted to let you know that we are opening our new Vintage Workshop Boutique space, to accommodate more of our lovely vintage furniture as poor Charlie is feeling the squeeze! The Vintage Workshop Boutique is opening 'softly' over the next few weeks or so.

    Within our collections will be Vintage French finds, Vintage foxed mirrors, weathered and worn English Elm and Oak chairs and tables and dressers with faded charm. Littered amongst them will be copious carefully hand picked unique emporia that John and I will be looking for far and wide over the next weeks and months or so.


    Vintage Treasures arriving soon... 

    We are very humbled and grateful to you all for your support, and the continued requests that we have for the preloved vintage and contemporary furniture that we have here at Lovingly Made. 

    The Vintage Workshop will also be an area that Trixie will continue to work in showing you how she cleans, restores, waxes and paints furniture. She is joined by Carol on a Saturday and sometimes we are fortunate enough to have her a weekday or two!


    The Vintage Workshop where we will also be showing you how we clean, restore, polish and paint...

    As Spring approaches with every day, we will be looking towards the Courtyard area, with lots of developments, vintage buys, interesting curios and fabulous finds for your garden.

    Enjoy your month of love with us.
    We look forward to seeing you here in our Vintage Boutique, our Vintage Workshop and our Courtyard...
    Lots of Lovingly Made Love,
    John & Trixie - and Charlie of course


     February - the month of love...