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    News — Lovingly Made News



    It is our greatest pleasure to see our preloved vintage furniture in your home.  We handpick our preloved vintage and contemporary pieces of furniture, emporia, gardenalia, always with you in our hearts and mind.

    It is our warmest moments then, to see our vintage furniture in your home.

     Vintage Pine Buffet - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Stunning Vintage Pine Buffet

    This stunning French Vintage Pine Buffet, fitted into the space required within an inch! The owner is delighted as it is being used to store material and sewing equipment, so all beautifully put away and the buffet looks beautiful as a piece of furniture in the study room too.

    On the left of this buffet are two items that this lovely lady has made with us in our Craft School,  a "Dilly" bag and "Etuile" box, and on the right hand side, a beautiful glass lantern from our home collection within our Vintage Boutique. So many reasons to come along to see us!

    Apple Ladder and Vintage Bench - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Stunning Vintage Orchard Ladder and Vintage Bench in Sussex

    These two items of beautiful vintage gardenalia are now sitting proudly in a quite famous home in Sussex (sadly I can't say where), but they are being so well looked after! The orchard ladder will certainly being used for picking apples and pears this summer and I am certain copious cups of tea will be drunk, sitting comfortably on this lovely bench after a hard day's work in the huge vegetable garden!

    Refurbished Tin Box - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Refurbished vintage tin box on one of our beautiful vintage elm stools

    Recently I was asked to clean and refurbish this delightful tin Victorian box with the most exquisite hand painted writing on it.  It had been used by a shoe maker, who kept all his shoe making tools inside, and upon each of his children growing out of their pair of shoes, he would either make them bigger with inserting a piece of leather or smaller to fit a younger sibling.  What a beautiful story.  The vintage elm stool just set the whole scene off together.

    So, from making a sewing box, to refurbishing old tin boxes, to gathering apples from trees, to sitting comfortably, we think we have most things covered. Why not pop over and see what we can do for you!

    We would love to see you.
    With best wishes,
    Trixie and John



    John and I love the thrill of finding, looking for, seeing potential in, preloved vintage furniture and all the other gorgeous curios, collectables and homewares that can literally transform 'a room' into 'your room'.

    Love the thrill of the furniture find - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    The early morning start - loving the thrill of what we might find...

    Your home is as individual as you are. Preloved vintage furniture gives you the ultimate in being individual and so too, being able to continue with its history too. Knowing that someone else has used a piece of furniture before me, is what I love most.  The history, the age, the signs of wear with weathered smooth indents on handles, the marks and chips on tables and on chair seats, gives me a warm glow.

     Love the thrill of the furniture find - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Stunning vintage find, beautifully made by Craftsmen...

    The thrill is hunting down of a great piece of preloved vintage furniture; that piece that is just right as soon as you see it. It can be heart-stopping stuff. What is also so thrilling, is knowing that you have bought a piece of furniture which has been beautifully made, sometimes bespoke, usually of higher quality materials and been looked after. You are merely the custodian of the piece, knowing that because it is vintage, it will carry on being so and you are also giving it more life and love.

    Remembering all the time, that when you choose to buy preloved vintage or contemporary furniture, you are able to buy excellent quality at an affordable price; you are often able to buy a much better quality product than you would be able to afford otherwise. Its a win-win! 

    Love the thrill of the furniture find - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    I so love the thrill of finding something unique...

    So join us in the love and thrill of the chase in finding and buying unique vintage furniture, a piece of history, beautifully made and with so much more love to give you and your home.

    See you in the Boutique shop very soon,
    Best wishes
    Trixie & John x




    I love my early morning walks with our Charlie, our Chocolate Labrador and if we are really lucky, another late afternoon walk too.  It is these times, that the world stops 'spinning' quite so fast and I can enjoy the beautiful countryside all around me.  

    All in the Vintage Detail - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Charlie and I enjoying the Sussex countryside...

    Living and working in stunning rural Sussex has so many benefits and it is whilst walking, contemplating life and taking in the colours and sounds, that I can really appreciate nature and its minuscule detail.  It is that detail which I love so much and endeavour to transfer the themes in and with our Vintage Boutique and The Vintage Courtyard.  

    Our Vintage Boutique is an array of colour, texture and seasons. From the wood grain of furniture, to the textures of the linen, quilts and cushions and the ever changing feel of our Vintage Boutique with the seasonal changes in 'taste' and weather.

    All in the Vintage Detail - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    This Vintage Bench has had lots of lovely time in the garden to have a character of all its own...

    It is the smallest of details in a vintage piece, that is the part that brings together so many elements of your home that makes it truly yours. It is with this feeling, that John and I love to choose vintage furniture, not only with history, but also with great design.  Together with quirky and unique and colour that bring distinctive character to your home.

    All in the Vintage Detail - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk
    Sunning Vintage details here, on this French mirror, chippy and characterful marks on this Pine top table to the detail carved out by the Craftsman with the beautiful hearts...

     All in the Vintage Detail - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    We love to find pieces for your home that are individual in their detail; be it a quirky shape piece of furniture, a French pot with a little mark of time or a weathered and worn bucket. It is those details that only come with time, vintage time, that make your home have charm, a story to tell and a piece of timelessness all by itself.

    All in the Vintage Detail - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Time. yesterday, today and tomorrow... 

    We hope to see you very soon in our Vintage Boutique and take a look around you at the timeless detail in our Vintage pieces for your home...
    Best wishes,
    Trixie, John and Charlie x



    Why we love vintage furniture is oh so simple. Your home is our home.  Home is an important part of your lives, every day we are in it, somewhere at some time of the day or night. It is important to our very being to feel love in our homes, and that goes hand in hand with loving the furniture in our homes too.

    Preloved Vintage & Contemporary Furniture - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    A beautifully loved vintage chest of drawers...

    So why settle for something that is the same as everyone else in your street?  Do you really enjoy opening up flatpacks of furntiure and then trying to decipher the instructions and all those nuts and bolts and stress! 

    Our whole love, passion, feeling and philosophy are one. Coming through your front door after a long day or night at work, and finding yourself surrounded with lovely warm, comforting, beautiful vintage furniture should be with 'heartfelt love'.

    Since time gone by, we have made furniture, we have made it well, with pride and with solid good wood, designed to test time, that is why Vintage furniture is truly loved. Loved by us and loved by you. Vintage furniture shows you its love as you look it, as you touch it, the odd knock, the little dent, the marks of time gone by, of the love it has had bestowed upon it.  

    It is Vintage, and every single little mark has a story behind it, that is why we love it, why it is so unique, it only comes with one instruction leaflet, "how to love me more..."

    Preloved Vintage & Contemporary Furniture - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    One simple instruction to our Vintage furniture: "how to love me more..."

    Hope to see you in our Vintage Furniture Boutique very soon.
    Love and best wishes
    Trixie x



    Bloom Room - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    How delighted are we to have Helen from Bloom Room joining us here with her Floristry Classes!

    Bloom Room - www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk

    Helen is a truly talented Florist with some of the most prestigious floristry training, including McQueens.  With an Engineering background, you can see how this has crossed over so successfully with her natural creative talent for shape, texture, creativity and colour.

    Helen has been seen in the following publications to name but a few!


    Together, Bloom Room and Lovingly Made had a wonderful Valentine's competition and our winner, Henry, was absolutely delighted with his gorgeous Valentine bouquet!

    Valentine's Day with www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk & www.bloomroom.co.uk

    So, why not come and join us in one of our Bloom Room classes, which are now up on our website to book online, or pop into our Vintage Boutique for chat!  We can always create a bespoke floral class for you and your friends too!

    See you soon, take care,
    Best wishes,
    Trixie x